Hybrid Cloud Readiness Service for businesses

When referring to Hybrid Cloud, the business world is a bit more complex than the consumer market. Businesses need to consider much more criteria and requirements they need to comply with. On the one hand you have the classical IT and on the other hand specialty departments.

So what are the questions we need to ask considering the technical, legal and procurement?

Three different customer situations:

1. Customer has no defined cloud strategy and is uncertain how to deal with the cloud.

2. Customer has a defined cloud strategy but is uncertain about the execution.

3. Customer follows a trial and error approach – “let´s test one workload and see how it works”.


In order to strategically guide our customers on their way to hybrid cloud and to provide them with a sound roadmap for a successful implementation we developed this compelling service.  The service will be delivered in corporation with three best-of-breed partners, NetAppHeymann & Partner and Minet Technologies



The service comprises the following four phases:

1. Assess corporate, regulatory and business requirements to understand today‘s customer situation, to analyze interdependencies and to align key requirements considering technical, legal and procurement-related aspects. 

2. Data classification and clustering are key tasks for companies to fulfil legal requirements for a compliant use of public and hybrid cloud solution.

3. Cloud Sourcing Methodology: Identifying the proper sourcing options and their optimal combination (IaaS, PaaS and SaaS).

4. The cloud expressive bidding defines a structured process for achieving the best results for the organization in terms of value for money for its cloud requirements.


This service is designed to help you get started with a strategy tailored to your organization’s specific requirements so you can adopt Hybrid Cloud on your terms. 

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